There are two sides to every story.
No, literally.

And Bloody Good Book has something for both of them

Bloody Good Book is India's first crowd sourced
and crowd curated eBook publishing house

So what's crowd sourcing?

Simple. No barriers, no 'No Entry' signs. Crowd Sourcing means that Bloody Good Book has opened its doors to the people at large in order to find new manuscripts. This is more transparent, inclusive and democratic. We don't promise to publish every manuscript we receive, but we do invite everyone to share their writing with us and the readers. This way, all our authors get a decent and fair chance to be read, appreciated and even published!

Neat! and crowd curation?

Crowd Curation means we rely on the collective wisdom of Indian readers to pinpoint hot new authors and great new writing. The first 3 chapters of a manuscript are made available on Bloody Good Book for everyone to read and enjoy. Readers are invited to rate and review the manuscript, as well as tell us if they want to read more. From the manuscripts thus 'curated' by the crowd, Bloody Good Book will choose selected books to publish. The idea is simple—use many hands and many minds to 'dig up' a diamond in the rough!

How does Bloody Good Book work?

For authors

For readers

"What's in it for me?", she asked.

Advantages for authors

1. Bloody Good Book will aim to publish about 5-6 books in a year. If your book is selected, it means it's 'bloody good'.

2. Print publishers do not understand the eBook world. EBooks is Bloody Good Book's whole and sole focus; we will move heaven and earth to excel in it.

3. Bloody Good Book has partnered with a major Indian publisher Westland Ltd for a co-publication venture, which gives all our authors the fabulous chance to be published as eBooks and print books respectively.

4. Even if your manuscript is not selected for publication, you will receive honest and valuable feedback on how to improve your work. Your manuscript may also attract other publishers because you will be able to demonstrate its popularity with potential readers, and the great feedback it has received on Bloody Good Book's platform.

5. Bloody Good Book is an idea by an author for the benefit of authors. We will never shortchange you; the author's interest will always come first.

Advantages for readers

1. You get a say in what get's published; it's more democratic and fair.

2. You could be the one who spots the Next Big Talent.

3. There will frequently be some goodies like author-signed books and chats with well-known authors for you.

4. You will be part of a like-minded community, which loves books and spreads the reading bug.

5. At the end of it all, you just might get inspired to start writing a book of your own!