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Uday Satpathy

eBook by BGB & print book by Westland


A thriller packed with extraordinary detail, unbearable thrill and unequalled emotional depth. Uday's writing is something to watch out for in the coming years.

Hetika Sanghani

140 pages of sheer gripping pages...just absolutely loved the flow, the tension created and the way the story unfolds...


Meghana Joshi, Lakshmi Ramachandran

Selected for eBook publication by BGB


Written with a unique style and authority, drawing on the authors' own experiences. A delightful, useful, practical guide for Indian students abroad.


This one needs to be published ASAP!!!!!!!
Treat for the eyes....


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Diwali Boy's Last Dance is a satire on corporate crime. It is the story of the struggle of a reasonably honest group of people to define their attitudes towards corporate wrongdoing. Should they be completely honest, or completely dishonest, or somewhere in between, depending on circumstance? Does corporate life amount to a life of adhoc honesty? Is it a continuous dance of flexible ethics, where you take two steps forward and two steps back, keeping time to the criminal heartbeat that runs through the country’s DNA? This story revolves around the struggle of Samir, who is a 'good boy' in his own eyes, as he comes face to face with the well entrenched demon of corporate crime in India. Samir encounters professionals who are criminals and criminals who are professionals. It is a world of cheating, back stabbing, frauds and bribes. His first impulse is to flee, but when he realises that corporate criminals are all around him and come in surprising and sophisticated shapes, he is left with no option but to fight back; but how do you fight the corporate Raavan with multiple heads? Through honest means or do you have to become a thief to catch one? With his back to the wall, Samir gambles it all on that one last dance.
Chic city bachelorettes, spirited schoolgirls and college-girls, and feisty domestic goddesses find laughter and love as they bridge the generation gap, dodge creeps, bond with husbands and manage children. Real, amusing and heart-warming, these are the stories of the girls and women of urban India and how they rock it, every single day!
'You are in real, real danger’ – a school teacher gets a creepy warning in his mailbox. Seven days later, he massacres eleven of his own students. Two months later, he is gunned down in broad daylight by an obscure militant outfit. Justice served. The nation pacified. Case closed, the police say. But, two crime reporters think otherwise. Seeking redemption through this case are Prakash and Seema, ace journalists in their professional lives, but broken individuals in the darkness of their personal hells. As they dig deeper into the mystery, they are led into the ominous forests of Bandhavgarh where an eerily similar massacre had occurred eight years ago. Little do they know that they have kicked a wasp’s nest. One by one their leads start turning up in body bags and they are chased by assassins at every corner. Soon they would realize that they are pitted against evil powers pervading the business and political DNA of the country, with an unbelievably sinister agenda. As a massive terrorist strike looms over the nation, will Prakash and Seema survive long enough uncover a conspiracy of unimaginable proportions? Photo credit: Simon Howden /

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