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East or West, India Is The Best

Vinati Sukhdev

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Priyanka Vermani

I felt as if I have traveled so much in this book as the experiences are covered from across continents. Extremely interesting read and definitely informative based on personal experiences and observations. Having spent a few years in London, I was able to relate to the author's stance on so many issues.

Suman Chhabria Addepalli

Very nice book, as a parent, even though I am not an NRI, there were a lot of takeaways for me.:)

The Epic Indian Novel

Deepak Kaul

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Runjhun Noopur

A very clever retelling and a lot fun to read too! It is not easy to adapt something like Mahabharat in context that is contemporary and yet still manage to retain the primary essence of the tale.


Great job! Capturing the essence of the epic with corporate life and told with humour




Meghana Joshi, Lakshmi Ramachandran

Selected for eBook publication by BGB


Written with a unique style and authority, drawing on the authors' own experiences. A delightful, useful, practical guide for Indian students abroad.


This one needs to be published ASAP!!!!!!!
Treat for the eyes....


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New Arrivals

Frieda Lockner has a secret: she hears echoes of the dead. Caught in the tension between her personal misgivings and this psychic ability, she seeks redemption by using her 'gift' to help Kriminalkommissar Tobias Schluter solve the most brutal crimes. But with a sadistic serial killer known as The Stick Man haunting nighttime M√ľnster, Frieda must face her darkest fears. And on top of everything she has a poltergeist wreaking havoc at home.
Blue is the colour of human emotions.
Vishwaroopa is a young warrior in the ancient lands of Bharatha Khandaa. In search of fame and glory, he swears to retrieve the portrait of the legendary beauty, Devyani, who was the once the princess of Avantika. This portrait of Devayni, was thought to be lost years ago. But his journey is broken when he is trapped up in the land of the enemy. In those lands, he stumbles across a village girl Nayanaa, who was about to end her life, but for his intervention. She listens to his tale and his quest, in the lands of the enemy. With nothing to lose in her pathetic life, she decides to help this stranger before she could take her life. Together they engage in an adventure where Vishwaroopa finally ends up finding the ancient portrait of Devyani and all the treasures thought to be lost. With fame and glory, he still feels a void in his heart which can be healed only by the love of the woman who helped him and stood with him in his quest for fame and glory. (The story is set in the fictional lands of Ancient India - Bharatha Khandaa, when kings reigned.)

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