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Uday Satpathy

eBook by BGB & print book by Westland


A thriller packed with extraordinary detail, unbearable thrill and unequalled emotional depth. Uday's writing is something to watch out for in the coming years.

Hetika Sanghani

140 pages of sheer gripping pages...just absolutely loved the flow, the tension created and the way the story unfolds...


Meghana Joshi, Lakshmi Ramachandran

Selected for eBook publication by BGB


Written with a unique style and authority, drawing on the authors' own experiences. A delightful, useful, practical guide for Indian students abroad.


This one needs to be published ASAP!!!!!!!
Treat for the eyes....


New Arrivals

Julian from the British isles falls in love with his grad student Jaya while on sabbatical in India and later the happily married couple settles down in the UK. Each has a 'history' that would be best forgotten, but things have a nasty habit of turning up at the most inconvenient times, as they do in their lives.The only way peace could be restored is by understanding and acting swiftly. In the process their marriage survives but at the cost of famed British fairplay and Indian forgiveness.
The fateful end of a cold-blooded despot from ancient times and the severe chastisement endured by a schoolboy in eighties India, are part of a cosmic progression that leads to a curious hostage situation at a Chicago area campus deli. When Sociology major Eli YapDiangco walks into Henry Wu's for a quick bite before class, he gets more than he asks for. A deranged cop, O’Reilley, takes the entire deli hostage, killing the proprietor before turning on some of the customers. He takes Eli and five others, and confines them to the modest basement of the deli. With the quiet passage of time, the hostages loosen up and bring forth a world of subtle oppression as they share accounts of their deepest regrets. The group is distracted from their despair when, in moments of curious serendipity, the contents of an old suitcase and an inactive cell phone reveal damning evidence of a strained partnership in high crime between O’Reilley and Henry Wu. The shocking revelation leaves the hostages increasingly wary of the cop’s motives. They execute a plan to get the evidence into the right hands. But their spirit is crushed when they witness the violent death of Mohamed. One by one, the killer cop takes them away until only Eli is left. Eli’s suspicions are confirmed when he finds himself meticulously framed as the fall guy in a mass homicide. Desperate, alone and awaiting his imminent arrest or death, Eli’s attention returns to the reticent walls of Henry Wu’s den that sport a decorative mural of Frank Dillon’s masterpiece, The Stray Shuttlecock. What he finds baffles him. But what he is entirely unprepared for is the truth he is about to discover.
A 9-year-old Syna is quite sceptical when her parents have to shift from London to India. She shares her apprehensions with John, her best friend, during the school farewell party, about how her cousins in India do not even know what a doughnut is! As a 14-year-old, Syna settles in India and loves being in her country. Gradually, as part of the education lifecycle and parents push and thrust, she gets through IIT and ISB. Now, the story takes a twist, while she is pursuing her MBA, when over four consecutive days, she encounters Rehan, an established, ambitious and handsome actor. She has a big time crush on him, just as any girl has on an actor. After MBA, Syna gets a job, only to realize that her feelings are charged up again, after she meets Rehan...again! All goes well in their respective lives until some incidents gets Rehan and Syna together. And after this, is life a fairy tale or a nightmare? This is the story of the twists and turns, a roller coaster ride of a common girl, who has an actor as a BF. Why have gender discrimination? Also a roller coaster ride for the actor, who has a common girl as his GF.

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