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Uday Satpathy

eBook by BGB & print book by Westland


A thriller packed with extraordinary detail, unbearable thrill and unequalled emotional depth. Uday's writing is something to watch out for in the coming years.

Hetika Sanghani

140 pages of sheer gripping pages...just absolutely loved the flow, the tension created and the way the story unfolds...


Meghana Joshi, Lakshmi Ramachandran

Selected for eBook publication by BGB


Written with a unique style and authority, drawing on the authors' own experiences. A delightful, useful, practical guide for Indian students abroad.


This one needs to be published ASAP!!!!!!!
Treat for the eyes....


New Arrivals

Hoti – a fictional tribe set in the ancient times, is facing the terror of dark powers. Over the centuries. The darkness has grown and has taken the other creatures of the world under its control. But Hoti, which is guarded by Zara, remains unruffled, until she embarks on a long journey to the palace of Torland. The visit changes her life forever and compels her to live in solitude. Thirty nine years have gone by and there arrives – Hami– a wizard from the other side of the river. Who is he? Will he help her in saving the tribe or the problems intensify because of his dark past? The answer lies in their last journey to the palace
Meeting with failure in his dream venture of setting up a studio and constantly gibed by his girlfriend Ashni’s father, Aakash loses all hopes and settles down as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. During a visit to Amritgarh, a nearby village, he befriends a young Sikh named Jeet who saves him from a madman’s attack. Jeet had left the safe haven of an engineering job to work in his village. He runs a tourist guest house there which is unique in many ways. Aakash once takes Ashni to the guest house on a Valentine’s Day when they learn about Jeet’s dream of making a life-sized airplane and the project he has initiated for realizing that dream. Jeet invites Aakash to join his team which had two other members, Kshitij, Jeet’s best friend and college mate who was an electronics expert and Parlok, a childhood friend of Jeet who ran an automobile workshop in the village. Initially hesitant to join an unrealistic project, impelled by Ashni and Jeet’s motivation, Aakash later decides to join Jeet and his friends in their project. His responsibilities include video graphing the entire process of making a life-sized airplane and making a documentary on it. The story accounts Aakash’s life changing experience as he along with his team near towards realizing their dream discovering new facets of friendship and team work in the course. Met with unexpected problems and delays, the fate of the project hangs in balance as misunderstandings and fights break out within the team. But the team bounces back from the adversities to continue their mission. In the course of testing and flight trials, the team encounters many failures each of which becomes a new lesson for the team. In the moments of tension and exhilaration they finally make their maiden flight.
Did they pep-talk you to follow your passion? Welcome to the corporate platinum donkey club, time to transform from human to zombies. And you spent hours in those useless meetings? That is some start!! You could better sit down with a drunkard and hear him vent out. There are chances that you might hear something sensible. At least those external consultants mint money out of plain air by proactively throwing bullshit on your boss before he does. Employees are assets you said. True, hence you depreciate, feels your boss. You cannot escape shit. Instead why not take a satirical look at things? In Mission, Vision and Bullshit, Yaagneshwaran takes a satirical view of the corporate world and the hypocrisies of the top management. The book helps you the see the funny and lighter side of the management fads, grapevines, rewarding systems, re-orgs and all the bullshit that will be forced upon you, being in the corporate world.

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