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East or West, India Is The Best

Vinati Sukhdev

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Priyanka Vermani

I felt as if I have traveled so much in this book as the experiences are covered from across continents. Extremely interesting read and definitely informative based on personal experiences and observations. Having spent a few years in London, I was able to relate to the author's stance on so many issues.

Suman Chhabria Addepalli

Very nice book, as a parent, even though I am not an NRI, there were a lot of takeaways for me.:)

The Epic Indian Novel

Deepak Kaul

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Runjhun Noopur

A very clever retelling and a lot fun to read too! It is not easy to adapt something like Mahabharat in context that is contemporary and yet still manage to retain the primary essence of the tale.


Great job! Capturing the essence of the epic with corporate life and told with humour


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New Arrivals

Throughout our lives, we strive to find meaning in our existence. Raghav, like most of us, tries to find it in the people around him. As he is faced by a decision that could potentially change his life, he realizes that this decision - something that requires the help of his two best friends- will have to be a collective one. Follow these three friends, as they set out on a spontaneous journey, from a room in a Hostel in Kota, to the Mountains in Parvati Valley. Travel along and meet an armchair philosopher, an avid newspaper reader, a decent hotel manager and other such animated characters they come across. Will their destination accept them as they are? Or will they, as parts of an inseparable trio, have to change as individual people? The road is the best place to know thy-self. Travelling is the best form of retrospection. Come along in this journey of self-realization. Realization, Enroute.
This book has been classified as a self help book. It is because of one simple reason. I was not able to classify it into any other genre. It is not an easy read. It is not meant for hand holding of any kind. This book was written adhering to one simple principle. That principle is : Write as if no one is going to read or dance as if no one is going to watch. Simple can be a complex. Goodness is all about adaptation. Hope can be a meaningless word, after all! Yet, here is the book and you are holding it in your hands. I feel good for you. When the book was finished this was my reaction : I never thought simple ideas presenting themselves as thoughts can be so complex until I wrote them down and read them back! This book is an attempt at describing a simple model that can help you in becoming happy and stay that way forever. It is a model extracted out of the analysis of cumulative experience obtained in handling day-to-day events. The author has unsuccessfully practiced several different systems, practices and rituals over almost five decades before solidifying the concepts described in this book and arriving at a simple and practical model which is a total departure from prevalent belief systems. The material in this book is not coming from an enlightened, knowledgeable, successful and wise being, in the conventional sense, even when some of the expressions and examples might lead you into thinking that way. It is coming from an ordinary, average witted, decently educated person who has lived a life of relative obscurity. It is also not coming from a life changing event like enlightenment or something of that sort either.
Simpson Bradley, an executive an audit firm is murdered one Wednesday in NYC. Cold blood style. A week later, Keegan Burns, an out of work actor with a busted knee, is in a hospital, awaiting his discharge documents. He is reading about Bradley's murder in a newspaper. But that is not the only thing that ties him to it. Ruby, his nurse whom he has started to fancy, knows the killer. Ruby's demeanour tells Keegan that something is amiss. On asking, she tells him about a friend named Asia (the killer's wife) being in trouble. Keegan is concerned about Ruby so he accompanies her when she meets Asia that evening. As the events in the aftermath of the meeting transpire, Keegan Burns’ life is turned upside down as he becomes a key element to the Lotus Company- one of the largest crime syndicates in the world, with a plan which pushes the economy into jeopardy. First, Asia is murdered. Then Duncan, her husband, who is languishing in a prison cell, is found with his throat slit on the same night. An unknown assailant nearly kills Ruby. Keegan is followed by unknown and dangerous people and his sister is kidnapped the following morning. Why was Simpson Bradley murdered? What trouble was Asia in? Why has Keegan's sister been kidnapped? Will he able to save her? What has caused the sudden bloodbath? With the help of a friend and rugged NYPD cop- Bruce, an attractive nurse- Ruby, a trusted Government source- Emma Hazelwood and his knee injury as compatriots, Keegan ventures to decrypt the fraudulent activities of the Lotus Company. ‘I am flying this,’ Keegan said. Hazelwood looked at him, her eyebrows raised. ‘You cannot. Remember your knee is busted?’ ‘The doctors said no cars, not no aircrafts.’

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