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East or West, India Is The Best

Vinati Sukhdev

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Priyanka Vermani

I felt as if I have traveled so much in this book as the experiences are covered from across continents. Extremely interesting read and definitely informative based on personal experiences and observations. Having spent a few years in London, I was able to relate to the author's stance on so many issues.

Suman Chhabria Addepalli

Very nice book, as a parent, even though I am not an NRI, there were a lot of takeaways for me.:)

The Epic Indian Novel

Deepak Kaul

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Runjhun Noopur

A very clever retelling and a lot fun to read too! It is not easy to adapt something like Mahabharat in context that is contemporary and yet still manage to retain the primary essence of the tale.


Great job! Capturing the essence of the epic with corporate life and told with humour




Meghana Joshi, Lakshmi Ramachandran

Selected for eBook publication by BGB


Written with a unique style and authority, drawing on the authors' own experiences. A delightful, useful, practical guide for Indian students abroad.


This one needs to be published ASAP!!!!!!!
Treat for the eyes....


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New Arrivals

“End To Start” is the story of Parag Shastri, a young lad from Pune, who is a constant hunt of his dad’s sarcasm. Parag is recently broken up with his girlfriend and is miserable and totally shattered by their separation. He eventually becomes a recluse and confines himself to his bedroom while his parents try all sorts of way to bring him back him back to his normal self. Their efforts culminate in a hilarious event when a shaman is called upon to exercise Parag after they are lead to believe that their son has been possessed by an evil spirit. After which he is summoned by his grandfather to visit him in his paternal village. Parag’s grandfather, respectfully and affectionately known as ‘Dada’ in Neelgad (Parag’s native village) is a father-like figure for many people in the village. He spends some days in Neelgad, and rediscovers a fresh perspective on life. He is inspired to see the modern face of Neelgad due to the vigorous efforts of Dada. Dada is also an ayurvedic expert and has an expertise in the field of child birth. He is also known for his unconventional methods for settling disputes and assure overall welfare of the people in the village No matter how bizarre dada’s solution may seem, it worked and the people accepted his judgment unquestioningly. He was tough, yet fair. He made examples out of the offenders and put them on a pedestal for everyone to see. In conclusion, dada ruled with an iron hand in a velvet glove. How Dada rescues Parag out of his problem? Is an inspiring and a fun journey to watch out.
You must have heard this story several times in your life. Girl wants to elope to the city to fulfil her dreams plus she has a boyfriend to tag along with her and yes, you have guessed it right, her father is dead against everything and promises everybody will be dead if he is not obeyed to. Needless to say the father wants to get the girl married as soon as possible. I am not a fool to ask you whether the girl will succeed in her journey. Aashika, a girl born and brought up in the interior part of Tamil Nadu wants you to hear her out, her version of coping with eloping, same story but different version. Come on yaar!!! Take a breather from your routine life and run away with Aashika in her trip to leave her birthplace, in this ‘leave your brains behind’, light read novella. You don’t have to login to make my or irctc website for this trip because this trip is free, no charge…… ha!ha. Then how else do I get you there?
The Mahabharata reworked to a modern day setting, with due apologies to Rishi Ved Vyas.

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